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The Most Effective Stretch Therapy

At Allison Parnell - Trainer On Demand, we want to help you live well and move smoothly. The vast majority of knee, hip, back, neck, and shoulder pain can be traced back to movement patterns that have degenerated from a sedentary lifestyle or a desk job. When your body starts to move, it creates stress in your joints and your muscles, and improper movement patterns can lead to aggravation, inflammation, and pain. Allison's Stretch Therapy program is here to help men and women across Wilton Manors address these symptoms and live life without worrying over aches and pains.

  • Allison offers a Private one-to-one personal training studio. No crowded gyms and a clean private environment

  • Allison is also offering a fully Mobile service.

  • Mobile Service comes fully equipped. Bring the gym to your home, apartment, or office.

  • Just fill out the short form below to learn more about stretch therapy!


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